Write for Us

Write for Us

We are accepting Guest Postings on our website with all categories. The Domain Authority (DA_70) and Domain rating (DR_50 ) of our website. You can Share your unique content with us at  rostertimes1@gmail.com for a paid guest post. We will give you the Live URL 24/7. Before sending the content, Please make sure, your content is unique and well-written. If you share duplicate content, then we will not publish it on the website.

Do You Know the Subjects for the General Guest Post? 

General Guest posts need to promote an organization’s marketing concept and ideas via content. It is also used to promote general matters in the blog. So, if you want to know about available guest posts, you can choose the following topics as your writing subjects. 

• Awareness blog.
• Blogs on music.
• Wellness and lifestyle blogs.
• Fitness blog.
• Blogs on Food or Food Items.
• Sports blog.
• Blogs on investment.
• Guest post on Parenting.
• Fashion blogs.
• Travel and Tourism blog.

Please check the Guidelines for Guest Posting | Write For Us + Guest Post

1)- Always try to choose a Good Title for the post, so that it can attract more visitors.

2)- Add meta title and meta description. (Meta title length 60 characters)

3)- Start your title topic starting with Best, Top, How, What, Where, etc.

4)- Word Limit for posting content is 800 words to 1200 words.

5)- Always use small paragraphs, with bullet points.

6)- We allow only 2 Do-follow links.

7)- Always use Unique and Fresh Content,

8)- Please don’t post 18+ content. We are not promoting it

9)- Don’t submit duplicate content, It is harmful to both of us.

10)- While sending content, please add 2-3 keywords in your content, so that your post can easily Rank.

12)- If your Post is against our Guidelines, then we have the authority to modify or Delete your post.

13)- Before going to share the content, please check your content quality at any Plagiarism checker website.

We are Accepting Fresh Content in Below Categories

·  Artificial Intelligence + Write for us
·  Technology + “Write for us” + Guest Post
·  Digital Marketing Write for us
·  Cryptocurrency + Write for us
·  Real Estate write for us
·  Social Media write for us
·  Education writes for us
·  Health write for us
·  Sports write for us
·  Games wrote for us
·  Business write for us
·  Finance write for us
·  Tech blogs write for us
·  Lifestyle write for us
·  Travel write for us
·  Beauty writes for us

·  Fitness write for us
·  Fashion write for us
·  Shopping write for us
·  Video Games write for us
·  Entertainment write for us
·  Cooking write for us
·  Technology submit a
 guest post
·  Home Improvement write for us
·  Tech write for us Guest Post


We accept all general niches like Home and Improvement, Health, Education, Technology, News, Entertainment, and Money. If you have any queries then please Contact OR get in touch with us at techadvancejournal@gmail.com please wait for 24 hours we have to review your submission before publishing.

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